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Sherman Law is a real estate law firm, providing expertise related to ownership, zoning, land use, and other legal matters. Sherman Law does not handle real estate closings.

Our real estate attorney has in-depth knowledge and understanding of New Hampshire real estate laws as they affect individuals, businesses, contractors, zoning, and planning boards. We provide legal advice and representation related to applications for approvals and variances, easements, boundary disputes, planning board appeals, and zoning board appeals.

We have represented clients before town, city, and zoning boards in matters ranging from setback requirements, to petitions, to quiet title, to tax abatements.

Our firm provides legal advice and representation for a wide variety of real estate legal matters, including:

While we strive to resolve real estate disputes through compromise and negotiation, we recognize that litigation is often required to reverse capricious or arbitrary decisions made by planning and zoning boards. We have represented clients in litigation matters that may involve real estate issues such as boundary disputes, easements and rights of way, ownership of property, and partitioning interests in property where there are joint or co-owners.

Sherman Law has challenged decisions made by planning and zoning boards in the New Hampshire Superior Court, the New Hampshire Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire, and the United States Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit.

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Real Estate Law Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate law can be complex, so it is likely that you will have many questions or concerns. View some of the most frequently asked questions below, or contact us for a free case review.

Q: Do you handle real estate closings?

A: Unfortunately, Sherman Law does not handle real estate closings.

Q: Why do I need an attorney if I am buying a home?

A: A real estate attorney will ensure the documents you are signing are executed correctly and that your best interests are kept in mind. An attorney will also walk you through the fine print, explain the legal jargon, and answer the many questions you are likely to have throughout the home buying process.

Q: What is title insurance?

A: Title insurance is an insurance policy that protects all parties in the instance that the current or previous sellers of the property do not have rightful ownership. There are many types of policies available, which your real estate attorney will inform you of.

Q: What is an easement?

A: An easement is when someone is granted legal rights to use another’s land for a specific and limited purpose. An example of an easement in real estate law is a utility company receiving an easement to run power or cable lines.

If you need an attorney to handle a complex real estate, land use, or zoning matter, contact us for a free case assessment.