Construction Site Falls

Construction workers are exposed to risk daily on the job. Specific safety standards are in place to avoid serious accidents and injuries. However, on many construction sites, these standards are ignored or are simply not enough. When construction site falls result in serious personal injury or wrongful death, experienced legal counsel is necessary for either side.

Sherman Law, PLLC, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, employs the resources, experience and skill to handle construction litigation involving construction site falls. Attorney Sherman has effectively represented numerous clients in construction accident cases and comprehends the sensitivity that is required to handle such cases — regardless of whether our firm is representing the plaintiff or defendant.

New Hampshire Scaffolding Accident Attorney

Whether constructing a residential home or a commercial building, height is a serious risk factor on construction sites. Workers spend hours several stories up on top of buildings or along the side of buildings on scaffolding or ladders. Barriers, retention systems and other safety devices can shield the workers from falling from scaffolding, roofs and other elevated surfaces:

  • Barriers: Were barriers placed appropriately to alert the worker of the approaching edge? Were barriers constructed appropriately?
  • Fall retention systems: Retention systems are required for workers working at certain heights. Was a retention system used? Was the system set up properly (was the worker sufficiently tied in)? Did the harness malfunction?
  • Scaffolding and ladders: While scaffolding and ladders are a necessity on worksites, they pose a dangerous threat if not constructed or set up properly. Was the scaffolding level? Was the ladder placed on uneven ground?

When representing clients in construction litigation arising from construction site falls, such as falls from scaffolding, it is necessary to examine all aspects of the worksite and safety procedures to determine liability. Potential issues of concern include workplace safety training, knowledge of safety violations or OSHA violations, and employer/employee relations between contractors and multiple subcontractors. With extensive experience in construction law and handling construction accident claims, attorney Sherman knows how to analyze the complex issues involved and ensure that our clients’ interests are fully preserved.

Litigation involving construction site falls has a heightened level of concern due to the extreme nature of the resulting injuries. Because of the high elevations from which workers fall, many construction workers who are involved in scaffolding accidents and other falls endure spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries or fatal injuries. OurPortsmouth construction site fall attorney has the compassion and sensitivity to handle claims for life-altering injuries and wrongful death.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a scaffolding accident, ladder accident, roofing fall or other construction site fall, contact a Portsmouth lawyer at Sherman Law, PLLC. We represent clients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.