Personal Injury Law Cases

We understand that every personal injury law case is unique and that the circumstances you’re experiencing have the potential to be life-changing. No matter the specifics of your situation, our firm is dedicated to assisting our clients achieve their legal objectives and get back to their lives. View a sample of some of our successful personal injury case outcomes below.

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Construction Incidents

Construction Site Worker Severely Injured by Subcontractor’s Negligence – $750,000

In a new home construction project involving many different contractors and tradesmen, workers at the job site received improper instruction on lifting a wall. Improper and insufficient safety equipment was used. Nothing was installed or used to prevent the wall from falling to the ground while being lifted into place. A strong gust of wind forced the wall to the ground, just as workers were lifting it, crushing one of the workers. A suit was filed involving claims of negligence, negligent supervision and breach of contract. General contractors, subcontractors, construction workers and tradesmen all denied liability. Insurers, too, denied coverage raising issues requiring declaratory judgment pertaining to coverage owed under a comprehensive general liability policy. The matter was resolved just before trial through private mediation.

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Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and Fall Accident On Black Ice During Winter at Commercial Business – $112,500 Jury Verdict

A family day in mid-February involving lunch at a local business caused considerable hardship for our client when, as he was entering the restaurant, he slipped and fell on black ice on the sidewalk. Client sustained severe injury to his lower leg requiring surgery that required the placement of a steel rod and screws in his leg. Client, whose job in Information Technology required him to walk, could not work while recuperating. Restaurant and its insurer denied responsibility for the accident and refused to pay the medical bills. A jury trial resulted in verdict for client and his wife to cover their medical bills, lost wages and provide them compensation for their pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall in Rental Property – $145,000

Client rented an apartment from a landlord, which had a laundry facility in the basement. The stairs did not have a handrail and the treads were worn with risers of varying heights. While using the basement stairs, client fell to the bottom. She severely injured her neck, shoulder and back. Client was unable to work for several weeks and required extensive medical treatment. The landlord and property owner denied responsibility for the accident, claiming that the client caused her own injuries. Our firm secured $145,000 for client without having to file suit.

Slip and Fall While at Company Event – $112,500

Our client was at a restaurant while traveling for a company-sponsored event when she sustained a serious personal injury as a direct result of the restaurant’s negligence. Client could not work following the accident. Her employer and its insurer denied responsibility for the accident, claiming that client was at the restaurant for personal reasons. They refused to pay the client her wages or medical bills while she was out. The business blamed the client for her injuries. We represented the client in a suit against the restaurant and employer and secured her $112,500 to cover wages, compensation for injury and her medical bills.

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Dog Bites

Dog Bite Claim for Delivery Driver Attacked While Delivering Package – Workers’ Compensation and Injury Claims – $215,000

Our client worked as a delivery driver. While delivering a package to customer’s home, he was attacked by the customer’s dog. He completed his delivery, finished his route and then went to the hospital. While bite was not severe, the client sustained traumatic injury to his lower leg and ankle while trying to avoid being bitten. The client required two surgeries and was unable to work. We ensured that the client continued to receive wages while out of work by pursuing a workers’ compensation claim. We filed a dog bite claim against the dog owner, which denied responsibility for injury claiming that our client was trespassing on the customer’s property. We resolved the workers’ compensation case and personal injury case through private mediation.

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Vehicle and Motorcycle Incidents

18-Wheel Tractor Trailer Collision Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury – $550,000

Our client was injured when, early in the morning, a tractor trailer drove through a red light and directly into our client’s car. The truck driver claimed, and evidence tended to show, that the sun was in the truck driver’s eyes and impaired his view of the intersection. Frontal impact caused airbags to deploy with our client sustaining trauma-related injuries including broken teeth, broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Subsequent cognitive impairments demonstrated traumatic brain injury. The client required prolonged hospitalization followed by extensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Multiple suits were filed to address liability and insurance coverage of parties involved. This matter was resolved through private mediation.

Pick Up Truck Pulling Landscape Trailer Resulting in Traumatic Brain Injury – $100,000, Plus Additional Amount (Confidential) from Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage

Our client was injured when a pickup truck pulling landscaping equipment drove through a stop sign. The client injured their knee and struck their head on the dashboard and windshield. Hospitalization was followed by participation in a traumatic brain injury program. The client was a student at the time of the accident and was unable to continue school. Client’s post-hospitalization included physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. We were successful in compelling insurer for truck driver to pay its entire liability policy amount. Client had underinsured motorist coverage. Client’s insurer, however, denied that client received injuries that justified compensation beyond truck driver’s policy. Our team filed a lawsuit against the client’s insurer alleging breach of contract. The claim resulted in additional compensation to the client for a confidential amount.

Passenger On Motorcycle Hit by Car Sustained Traumatic Injuries – Policy Limits from Two Policies – $150,000

Our client was a passenger on the back of friend’s motorcycle when another driver cut in front of the motorcycle. The driver, trying to take evasive measures, dropped the bike causing our client to fall to the ground. In addition to other physical injuries, our client sustained head trauma resulting in traumatic brain injury. The driver of the car claimed motorcyclist caused the accident. Demands were made to insurers for car driver and motorcyclist who had underinsured motorist coverage. Our firm secured policy limits, the maximum amount available through insurance, for our client.

Motorcyclist Hit from Behind by Car That Failed to Stop – Policy Limits – $100,000

A client was driving his motorcycle on quiet day in light traffic when a driver behind him hit the rear tire of the bike. Our client swerved and tried to regain stability, but was then thrown from the bike. Client sustained severe trauma including traumatic brain injury. Motorcyclist had no insurance. The driver of the car and her insurance company denied responsibility claiming the motorcyclist caused the accident. We secured the full amount of insurance policy limits from driver of the car for client.

Passenger in Car Involved in Accident – Policy Limits from Tortfeasor and UM Policy – $250,000

Our client was a passenger in a car proceeding through an intersection that struck a vehicle that failed to yield the right of way. Client sustained serious injury to her shoulder from the seatbelt restraint. She required two shoulder surgeries. The driver that failed to yield claimed that he was not at fault because his car was actually the one struck. He and his insurer refused to admit fault. The driver of our client’s car had underinsured motorist coverage. We successfully represented the client in claims against both drivers and secured the policy limits from each available policy totaling $250,000.

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Sexual Assault

Minor Student at Private School Sexually Assaulted by Fellow Student (Confidential)

Client was a minor and a residential student at a private school. The school assigned living arrangements and was responsible for supervising students. Our client was sexually assaulted by a fellow student. The school and its supervisors denied responsibility, claiming that it was an unforeseeable criminal act and that it had no reason to know it might occur. A suit was filed through which we secured a confidential settlement through private mediation for client and client’s parents.

Minor Student Sexually Assaulted by Administrator/Teacher (Confidential)

Client was a minor attending public school when solicited by administrator/teacher for a personal relationship. Communication included emails and text messages. Representing minor student and her parents, we filed a suit against the school district and administrator. We secured a confidential settlement through private mediation for client and client’s parents.

The above fact patterns are intended only as general examples of the types of cases this office has handled. It is offered for educational purposes only. Past successes identified are not a promise or assurance of future success. Each matter involves different facts, circumstances, witnesses and evidence. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your case in greater detail so we can assess personally and confidentially whether and how we can be of assistance.

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