Paralysis Injury

Sustaining a paralysis injury in an accident — like a car crash or construction incident — may leave you feeling resentment at the medical costs, time away from work and the pain you feel. When the accident results in a permanent loss of motor function — paraplegia or quadriplegia — the emotions and sense of resentment can intensify. You may feel there is nothing that can adequately compensate for the loss. At Sherman Law, PLLC, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we develop a close working relationship with clients who have been involved in accidents resulting in paralysis.

Handling Serious Personal Injury

Experience and personal attention are what sets our firm apart from others in the Portsmouth area. Attorney Sherman’s significant experience in defending personal injury cases gives him the edge needed to successfully represent clients. He understands both sides of how issues associated with significant medical injuries are resolved. Our work, representing insurance companies on behalf of their insured, has further enabled us to handle matters related to medical insurance and ongoing medical care.

A Sensitive, Personal Approach

We want our clients to feel like our firm is the right fit for them before engaging our services. For this reason, we offer a free initial consultation — which we see as an opportunity for clients to get to know us better, find out about our approach and determine if our firm best addresses their concerns and meets their needs.

We personalize our service by listening and maintaining close contact throughout the duration of our clients’ cases. Our team communicates with insurance companies, doctors and experts, compiling evidence while keeping our clients apprised of matters that relate directly to their situations.

Contact Us for Guidance

If you have been involved in an accident resulting in paralysis and need legal assistance that is both thorough and effective, we invite you to contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.