Invasion of Privacy

Your privacy is important. An invasion of privacy is considered personal injury since it is troubling to discover that your medical records have been accessed without your permission. Even more disturbing is the realization that your personal space has been infiltrated and that another party has engaged in voyeuristic behavior or used cameras or other audiovisual devices to record you without your permission.

Our New Hampshire team provides personalized, thorough and supportive assistance to individuals who have experienced an invasion of privacy.

Invading Your Space

Our firm has represented clients in cases involving some of the most insidious instances of invasion of privacy. This includes unauthorized video recordings of individuals, tapping into telephone lines, physically intruding onto another’s private property, wrongful access of medical records or files and public disclosure of facts that portray an individual in a false light (even if the facts themselves are not defamatory).

Private Documents

Your medical records, emails and financial documents are your private information. If you feel your right to privacy has been invaded through wrongful disclosure of medical information under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) or of employment information, or if you discover a disclosure of bank information, securing the services of an experienced trial attorney is the best step you can take.

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