Construction Accidents

Portsmouth Construction Accident Lawyer

At Sherman Law, PLLC, located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a significant portion of our personal injury caseload is related to construction accidents. While health and safety standards are set in place to minimize the risk of accidents, there is no guarantee that such standards are maintained at every construction site. In fact, in many circumstances, it is the violation of workplace safety standards that contributes to serious accidents and resulting injuries.

If you have been injured at a construction site, whether as a passerby or as a worker, or if you are a contractor who has had an injury taken place on a construction site, taking the proper legal steps is essential. Contact a Portsmouth construction accidents attorney at Sherman Law, PLLC, today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Accidents at Construction Sites

Our firm is dedicated to providing legal representation characterized by aggressive, comprehensive and thorough service. We have successfully assisted clients in a variety of construction accidents. Attorney Sherman applies a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to help clients resolve accidents and injuries stemming from the following:

  • Construction site falls: We represent plaintiffs and defendants in construction accident litigation involving serious falls which occur on construction worksites. We handle scaffolding accidents, roofing accidents, elevator shaft falls, ladder falls and other significant falls.
  • Heavy construction equipment: Construction sites are filled with large, heavy, powerful equipment and machinery. When this machinery malfunctions, is defective or is operated negligently, catastrophic accidents can occur. We handle cases involving forklift accidents, crane accidents and other heavy equipment accidents.
  • Electrical accidents: Construction workers frequently handle high-voltage electrical wiring. However, when safety regulations are not followed when handling or storing cords or wires, serious electrical shock or electrocution can occur. We handle cases which involve shorted circuits, electrocutions and other electrical incidents.
  • Other construction accidents: Our experience in construction law and construction accident litigation enables us to provide skilled advice and representation in any number of construction accidents which occur. We handle cases ranging from explosions or industrial accidents to accidents involving power tools or other equipment. Attorney Sherman is adept at handling cases which involve numerous workplace safety and OSHA violations as well as cases which involve complex issues such as contractor or subcontractor liability.

Construction Litigation

Attorney Sherman has handled numerous construction law cases involving personal injury representing parties in disputes between homeowners and contractors and contractors and subcontractors. We conduct thorough research into personal injury claims, analyzing insurance coverage and comprehensive general liability policies.

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If you have been injured in a construction accident which resulted from an unsafe work environment or any other factor, you need legal assistance that is both thorough and effective. We invite you to contact a Portsmouth lawyer at Sherman Law, PLLC, today to schedule a free initial consultation. Call 603.570.4837 for legal representation in New Hampshire or Massachusetts.