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John Sherman is a Portsmouth, New Hampshire attorney providing legal services to individuals and businesses throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Regardless of the type of case we’re handling, our approach is the same: identify client objectives, strategize about the best financial approach to achieve them and aggressively pursue and achieve desired results.

New Hampshire Employment Lawyer

We represent clients in a wide array of employment cases. Just some of the issues our clients’ cases have addressed include sexual harassment in the workplace, discrimination based on sex, age, pregnancy, and disability, and, in several instances, sexual and physical assault at work. Our clients also have unfortunately experienced state law claims such as retaliation for engaging in activity that public policy promotes and wrongful termination. These employment cases have proceeded in the New Hampshire Human Rights Commission, the New Hampshire Superior Courts and the United States District Court for New Hampshire and Massachusetts, as applicable. Many have resulted in substantial recoveries for our clients in lost wages, compensatory damages and recoupment of attorney fees.

Protecting Clients and Their Families

Many of our clients have suffered serious personal injury. We have assisted them and their families with the many complex issues arising from these accidents. These include, but are not limited to, ensuring insurance protection and coverage, establishing liability, recovering judgments or settlements, attaching assets when necessary and satisfying medical and tax liens. Just some of the injury cases we have handled include: traumatic brain injury resulting in lifelong diminished earning capacity, sexual and physical abuse resulting in PTSD and construction accidents resulting in permanent injury, scarring and disfigurement. These cases have resulted in significant judgments and settlements that our clients have used to restore their lives, as best as possible, back to a sense of normalcy.

Counseling Businesses

We counsel and represent businesses as well. These matters have ranged in scope from negotiating executive compensation, implementing non-competition and non-solicitation agreements and negotiating severance packages. We regularly provide guidance and counseling to our business clients on numerous issues arising from constantly evolving state and federal employment laws.

Help or Direction

We regularly represent and counsel clients in other matters involving real estate, construction and appeals. To find out more information about Sherman Law, PLLC, or our practice areas, please explore our site. If you have a situation or even just a legal question, please contact us. The consultation is free. If we can help, we will. If we cannot, we will try to identify for you someone who can. Thank you for your consideration.

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